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Our son went to Akidemy for 2.5 years and we were so fortunate to have such a great program in our neighbourhood.  The school was warm and inviting and you could tell the kids felt at home with their surroundings.  We loved to see how the subjects flowed with the class' interests and it was always cool to hear random facts about bridges or volcanos or planets or whatever else they were working on. Tristan and Dina are really involved with the kids and their staff and we were always impressed with the communication, pictures and stories that came from our son's time in preschool.  J’s time at Akidemy has really prepared him for Kindergarten and has allowed him to find his own voice and personality.  We are so happy that he had this wonderful foundation that has fostered a love for learning.

 -S. Lehmann



I just wanted to say thank you so much for the two years you spent with E. She is loving kindergarten and I know the years spent with you made the transition easy because she loved school at Akidemy. So just the biggest thank you for what you do :)

-K. Butler



We have been so pleased with our son's experience at Akidemy preschool over the past year. The staff provide a wonderful environment to learn, share and grow in wonder. Our son's imagination, confidence and school readiness skills have blossomed over the past year. The staff follow the children's inquires, ideas and questions and then provide activities and programming to scaffold their thinking skills and assist them to find the answers. Each child can grow and learn at their own pace in the activities that they enjoy. I would highly recommend this preschool to anyone searching for a program that truly allows each child to explore, question, think and grow during their preschool years. 

-Rae-Anne and John Kerr



Our family had such a fantastic experience with Akidemy! We chose Akidemy for the student-led learning as well as for the respectful and kind learning environment. What I loved the most about Akidemy, is that the really got to know my son and understand his needs. This was such a relief as a parent, especially since we had struggled in other preschool environments. Another aspect that I loved was the amount of communication! We received weekly updates through an app (including pictures!) and the teachers were always willing to chat with me after school about my son's progress. The commitment Akidemy has to early development and learning is amazing and I am so grateful we found them. 



I could always count on the teachers at Akidemy to be kind, patient, and pleasant! They always exceeded my expectations and you can tell this is where their passion lies.  I really wish they had been around when my older child had gone to preschool as I know he would have benefited greatly from an experience with them.  Whenever I get the chance I always recommend Akidemy!

-A. Berringer



Akidemy is the best preschool any of my sons have attended! The facility is bright and clean, yet very inviting and warm with the most incredible teachers! Each day we are taught exactly what our sons have learned since they come home excited and eager to tell us about the day's lesson and songs. The teachers also give us daily/weekly updates about their progress and learning which was lacking in a previous experience with a different preschool. In fact, they have been great and very patient with my younger son and giving him time to adjust and settle into a new surrounding and routine with warm reassurances. Akidemy is top notch!!
- Jill Larraga Beaton



My daughter started at Akidemy in September and we couldn't be more pleased with our choice of preschool. The teachers are attentive and encouraging, they really take the time to learn each child's interests. The classroom is set up to inspire the children's imagination and creativity, and my daughter loves that there are different things to explore and play with every day. The first thing she asks when she walks in to Akidemy is, "what are we going to be talking about today?". She really feels involved and takes pride in being a part of the class. I like that the children's questions and ideas are welcomed and valued by their teachers. Overall we are thrilled with Akidemy and are looking forward to having our younger son attend next year as well.

-Dana Veroba



I love the engaging environment Dina and Tristan have created for our child. She looks forward to preschool every morning to learn and to see her friends. She comes home happy and excited to tell us about her day and in turn teaches us more about her. Sending her to Akidemy is one of the best choices we've made for her and will forever be grateful to Dina and Tristan for opening up a world of discovery for our little one.

-D. & C. Vianzon



Akidemy has been a wonderful program for our daughter. Based on our experience at another school we had very high expectations and Akidemy has been meeting those expectations and often exceeding them. We are so grateful for the warm, welcoming and nurturing environment you provide. Thank you!!

- N. Fleishman