19, 8 Weston Drive SW

Located in the heart of the community, Akidemy West Springs opened in 2014. The children in our preschool not only have access to an incredible indoor program but also have access to an attached green space and community garden. Akidemy believes in building strong community relationships and continuing to support families from West Springs and surrounding areas. 




8:15/12:30      Free Flex Drop off & open centers


8:55/1:10        Welcome, song 

9:05/1:20        Snack 


9:15/1:30        Meeting, story and discussion of the day's                                                                    project work


9:35/1:50       Centers open for exploration and project work time. 


10:20/2:35      Circle time; daily reflection, story and finger play


10:45/3:00     Outdoor play; children engage in large muscle activities,                                          outdoor nature discovery and play.

11:15/3:30       Dismissal

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19, 8 Weston Drive SW.

Calgary Alberta

T3H 5P2

P: 403.354.2957

E: admin@akidemy.ca

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